Michael Gathy and “Miami” John Cernuto among Late 2023 Wynn Million Victors

The 2023 Wynn Millions started off back on February 20 and is scheduled to go through Walk 19. The $3,500 purchase in, $3 million GTD Wynn Millions Headliner is occurring now, yet while that is occurring there have been a few opposite side occasions working out.

We previously educated you regarding early champs from the 2023 Wynn Millions, however we needed to follow that up by featuring some others to guarantee titles throughout the last week.

Michael Gathy Triumphant in $3,000 NLH Moderate Abundance $200K GTD

On Walk 2, a day after he completed in third spot for $54,193 in the $3,000 NLH 6-Max $200K GTD occasion, Belgium’s Michael Gathy outclassed a 148-passage field to win the $3,000 NLH Moderate Abundance, which dramatically increased its $200K ensure with a $407,000 prize pool.

The main 16 finishers brought in the cash including Aaron Duczak (tenth – $6,138), Martin Jacobson (eleventh – $6,138), Dylan Linde (twelfth – $5,374), Tongguang Sun (thirteenth – $5,374), Nicholas Bond (fourteenth – $4,760), Katie Lindsay (fifteenth – $2,380), and Ryan Leng (sixteenth – $2,380).

Among those at the last table were Receptacle Weng (ninth – $7,081), Ethan “Frenzy” Yau (seventh – $9,842), and Alex Foxen (fourth – $20,202). After Leonard August bowed out in third spot for $29,526, the last two players saw each lock up $62,368, however the victor would get the heavy PKO abundance. Ryan McAllister came in just short of the win while Gathy took first and the prize.

Poker Legend “Miami” John Cernuto Cases Wynn Millions $1,100 Cutoff Omaha 8/B Title

On Walk 1, the 2023 Wynn Millions facilitated its $1,100 Cutoff Omaha 8/B $50K GTD, which almost multiplied the assurance as 98 sprinters produced a $95,060 prize pool. The best 11 players brought in the cash, and the two to miss the mark regarding the last table were Duke Viveros and Clyde Gaskins, who each got $2,567 for completing in tenth and eleventh spot separately.

At the last table, two poker legends worked an arrangement in Ari Engel and “Miami” John Cernuto. The previous injury upcoming in just short of the win for $23,903, while the last option won the prize and took $25,851 in prize cash. It was the very most recent triumph on Cernuto’s amazing poker list of qualifications, which traces all the way back to 1987 as per the Hendon Crowd.

Vikenty Shegal and Alex Foxen Work in Arrangement in $3,000 NLH 6-Max $200K GTD

On Walk 1, the 2023 Wynn Millions facilitated its $3,000 NLH 6-Max $200K GTD, which dramatically increased the assurance as 184 players made a $506,000 prize pool. Among those to bring in the cash by completing in the main 20 were Maria Konnikova (tenth – $11,193), Ryan Leng (eleventh – $11,193), Matthew Wantman (fifteenth – $8,693), Will “The Rush” Failla (sixteenth – $7,767), and Love Andrews (nineteenth – $7,028).

Belgium’s Michael Gathy made a profound run completing in third spot for $54,193, and the following day he’d proceed to win the $3,000 NLH Moderate Abundance for $62,368. By then, the last two players worked an arrangement that saw Alex Foxen finish in runner up for $112,006 while Vikenty Shegal got $112,007 and the prize.

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